You have to know your voters and voting district demographics if you are going to win an election. We utilize demographics as well as geospatial and temporal models of demographics to derive winning election strategies.

Elliptic Lens

Demographic Modeling and Usage

Quickly identify favorable and unfavorable demographic areas as well as projecting changes in voter patterns with changing demographics.


Learn Your Voters

Elections are won by knowing your voters. Every piece of demographic and behavioral information can be used to target voters and voting precincts.


Model Your Voters

The demographic data is one thing. What does it mean? And how do you use it? We develop demographic models that can be "trialed" for changes in voting patterns.


Devise Strategies

The voting tendencies, as driven by the geographic and temporal demographic data, can be modeled and used in strategy planning and running various scenarios.


Account For Uncertainty

No model or projection is perfect. But how far off is it? We run various scenarios to account for uncertainties and provide greater confidence levels in our results.

Clear and Accurate Demographics

Utilize our demographic modeling to target voters and voting precincts.

Demographic Statistics

Demographic Statistics

One of the first things to be done in formulating a campaign strategy is to examine the demographics of a district. We utilize various types of probability density functions to achieve the best match to the actual demographics for subsequent modeling.



Demographic Geodistribution

Geographic Distributions

The geographic distribution of demographics also plays an important role in formulating a campaign strategy. We utilize various algorithms to identify geographic distributions and help us identify precincts with both similiar and disparate demographics.

Crime Statistics

Crime Is A Demographic

Crime is a demographic that sometimes drives voting tendencies. Thus crime levels should also drive campaign strategies. We have tools to not only quantify and map out crime, but also to predict crime based upon historical levels.

Neural Demographics

Drill down to Trace Source and Destination of Funds

Sometimes traditional statistics and modeling techniques do not capture the demographics and predictive trends that one desires. In that case we rely on neural networks of various architectures to model the demographics and to help give us uncertainty levels in our outcomes.