Our Story

The roots of the InvetiVote concepts were first formed at a GerryMandering Hackathon in San Francisco, California in March 2018. That simple hackathon set the minds of InvestiVote's founder running to develop powerful tools for winning elections.



Bringing Algorithms and Mathematics to Political Campaigns

InvetiVote’s founders first became involved with demographics and elections at a Gerrymandering Hackathon in San Francisco, March 2018. Since gerrymandering is so closely related to elections, the question we started asking was "Why can't we apply these and other mathematics to win elections?"


From there we started developing a series of databases related to elections. And we kept participating in related hackathons and local government initiatives.


We developed algorithms to predict crime, to "evolve" crime distributions over geographic areas, to pick appropriate statistical models for voting district demogaphics, to display demographic data in easy to understand charts, and to develop algorithms to determine least cost election strategies to capture voters and win elections.


As the crime predictions, both geographical and temporal, started to be accurate and bear fruit, we again asked the question "Why can't we apply these and other mathematics to win elections?" It started to feel doable.


As our experience base grows, we continue to develop and explore new mathematical tools to optimally capture voters and win elections. We also developed methods to provide strategies in the face of uncertainties in voter turnout or demographics and produce campaign strategies with reasonably-derived confidence levels.


As the technology matures, we've realized that we have to communicate the complex mathematics in a simple manner such that an entire political campaign organization has a good enough grasp to perform their jobs. Thus we've worked on fully understanding the "black box algorithms", how they arrive at results, and what they mean. From there we can translate these features to easily understood campaign strategies.


InvestiVote Launched

InvestiVote officially launches to the public.


It Continued With Crime

DIstribution of geographic crime statitsics continued the momentum.


It Started with Gerrymandering

A gerrymandering hackathon brought the team together.

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