Plain English Messaging

We'll do the advanced mathematics and demographics and feed you results and the easy to understand descriptions and talking points needed for a modern political campaign.


Messaging For The Masses

We'll help you target the intended voters and precincts with our messaging.


Campaign Staff

Though our algorithms and mathematics are advanced and esoteric, our explanations are not. We've spent time developing methods to translate the algorithm results to plan English easily understood throughout the campaign organization.



Investivote remains in the background and allows the campaign media and marketing people to deliver the messages to the media and press. But we inform the teams regarding the strategies, messaging, and terminology.


Potential Allies

When requested, we are happy to meet with potential allies regarding the mathematically-derived campaign strategies. We completely support the campaign mission with our results.


Potential Donors

Our results with rigorous mathematical backing give donors more confidence in the direction of the campaign.

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